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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 13, 2014 9:00am-9:11am JST

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hello, you're watching "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. north korea apparently fired two ballistic missiles towards the sea of japan early sunday morning. government officials said the missiles were launched at around 1:20 to 1:30 a.m. they travelled about 500 kilometers in the northeastern direction and likely fell into the sea of japan. officials said no damage to aircraft or vessels have been
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reported so far. senior government officials gathered to discuss a response at a liaison center inside the prime minister's office. prime minister shinzo abe instructed to collect and analyze information on the launch and ordered to ensure safety of aircraft and information and provide information to the public in a timely manner. the government views the launch as highly problematic in light of the need to have safe air. the latest launch is the fifth round of missile tests this year by the north. diplomatic efforts in the
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gaza strip british time minister met in cairo on saturday in an effort to broker a truce. blair is the representative of the middle east compromised of the united nations, european union, united states and russia. told blair that egypt is talking to israel and the palestinians. the arab league is also planning to hold an emergency meeting of the foreign ministers on monday in cairo to discuss the situation. on saturday the fifth day of offensive bombs struck a house believed to belong to relatives of a hamas leader. two female inmates died in the attack. authorities in gaza said 120 people have died and around 950 have been injured since israel started its aerial operation. hamas militants are continuing to fire rockets into israeli territory, causing injuries to
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civilians. both sides are refusing to back down. foreign ministers and world powers are launching a new push to resolve a complex problem, before time runs out. they're joining stalled talks on iran's nuclear program in a bid to break the deadlock. delegates from iran and six nations have been meeting in vienna since earlier this month. they've been trying to hash out a final agreement by a deadline set for july 20th. iran's deputy foreign minister, abbas araqchi, said negotiators have agreed on more than half of the details. but he said they've made little progress on the toughest issues. araqchi said the sides remain at odds over how far iran should reduce its uranium enrichment program and disagree on the schedule for lifting sanctions that have hurt iran's economy. u.s. secretary of state, john kerry and his counterparts from britain, france and germany will join the talks. >> secretary kerry is coming is
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to sit down with the iranians and gauge whether they are ready to take some of the really critical choices they're going to have to take here. >> harf said kerry will then advise president barack obama how to proceed. world health organization officials say an outbreak of the ebola virus has been linked to more than 500 deaths in west africa. concern is rising that the epidemic may spread further. a w.h.o. spokesperson said in geneva on friday that there have been 888 confirmed or suspected cases and 539 deaths. the outbreak began in new guinea in march, the number of new cases there has been declining, but has been spreading in neighboring liberia early on. the aid group doctors without borders has set up an operation center in the east sierra leone
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where many infections has been reported. it has treated 70 patients during the past two weeks and it has double the number of beds to deal with the growing number of cases. >> normally we try to be a step before the ebola is coming to the villages, but we are completely too late. we need more experts to come. we need medical staff. >> the medical group is calling on local residents to avoid contact with infected people and to see a doctor immediately if they show symptoms of the disease. cyber security and human rights were left out in a report on recent u.s./china talks. china's state-run news agency xinhua cited these areas for strengthening bilateral cooperation in their document last year on the annual meeting. officials discussed a wide range of topics at the two-day u.s./china strategic and economic dialogue in beijing this month.
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discussions on cyber security and human rights were heated. analysts say the absence of these important issues in the xinhua document could reflect china's anger. earlier this year china protested the u.s. indictment of chinese liberation army officers for cyber theft. the document instead focuses on cooperation in the fields of energy and climate change. it says the two countries will continue to work together to resolve nuclear development in north korea and iran. the report also says china and the u.s. will work toward creating a communications system on major military actions. u.s. based online retailer amazon is asking for government permission to test fly delivery drones. the company has been developing small unmanned helicopters designed to deliver merchandise to customers. amazon officials say the company has filed an application with the federal aviation administration for permission to
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fly the drones outdoors. testing would begin at its headquarters in the state of washington. a seattle company is developing small, unmanned aircraft capable of carrying up to 2.3 kilograms of goods and self-navigating to locations by using gps coordinates. the goal is delivering goods to customers within 30 minutes. in the u.s., the commercial use of unmanned aircraft is banned for safety reasons. however, the faa intends to allow commercial flights of drones after drawing up safety guidelines as early as autumn next year. amazon officials say it is technically possible to start the service before the end of next year. ♪
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now world cup highlights. just three minutes after the kickoff the dutch were awarded a penalty shot. the ball well out of the range of keeper. at 17 minute, the netherlands had their first international goal to double the advantage. >> at 38 minutes, brazilian midfielder oscar's free kick was slipped on and david luis both missed the decisive touch. >> the netherlands have given them a 3-0 victory.
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james rodriguez remains the stop scorer with six goals. thomas mueller is in second place with 5 and neymar in third place. the final between germany and argentina will be held on sunday to decide the world cup champion. argentina is going for a third title and germany a fourth. here is the three-day weather forecast for selected cities.
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that's all for now on "newsline." thank you for joining us. to discover the world and meet new people let's go on a bicycle tour. today we will take you to the republic of usbekistan in central asia. film and stage actor yuri will ride with us. it connected europe and asia since ancient times. >> translator: rivers are so soothing, aren't they?


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